Share your own hood

Share your own hood

Send us your suggestion and maybe we’ll add it 2 the collection. If it sells, we’ll send you a FREE hoodie of your own discovered spot.

*Subject to certain conditions (see “How do I earn my free hoodie“)

  1. Check the map for undiscovered neighbourhoods
  2. Complete the application form
  3. We evaluate your idea
  4. When we’ve made up our mind (mostly within a week), we’ll get back to you.
  5. When your suggestion has been accepted and the crowd likes it as well ( >10 items sold within 6 months after the approval), we’ll send you a unique coupon for a free hoodie with your own discovered neighbourhood.
  6. More details on this offer can be found at the end of this post
Example of a free hoodie when you send us your idea

    Fields marked with an asterisk* are required fields.

    Details about the free hoodie-offer

    Submitting a text for the free hoodie offer has specific guidelines:

    • The text must not be copyrighted and should belong to you.
    • You are at least 18 years old.
    • If you are under 18, a guardian or parent should make the application.
    • After submitting your idea, you’ll receive an email confirming your submission.
    • It will take a week to evaluate your idea, and then we’ll notify you of our decision.
    • If your text is accepted, you’ll receive a form to fill out:
      • Your personal details
      • A request to create an account on our webshop This account will be used to collect your free items.
      • Grant permission to to use your text on their products.
    • If certain conditions are met (10 items sold within 6 months), you’ll receive a promo code.

    The voucher

    If your submitted design achieves the equivalent of 10 sales within 6-month in our webshop ( you will receive a free item in the form of a gift voucher. The free item will correspond to the type of product that reached 10 sales. For example, if 10 hoodies are sold, you will receive a voucher with a value equal to the price of a hoodie. The same applies to caps and T-shirts, where 10 sales will entitle you to a free cap or T-shirt respectively.

    10 isn’t always 10

    You don’t necessarily need to sell 10 hoodies of your design. Even if you achieve the same sales amount by selling caps and T-shirts, you will still receive a voucher for a complimentary hoodie.

    You can only receive one free product per design submission. Once one of your products reaches 10 sales, a voucher for a free item will be sent to you. Please note that once you redeem a voucher, you will no longer be able to claim additional free items. For instance, if you redeem a voucher for a free cap, you will not be eligible for a free T-shirt.

    You can use the voucher amount to purchase any item with your design in our webshop. If you have a voucher that covers the price of a T-shirt, you can use it as a discount to buy a hoodie. The voucher is strictly for your personal use. It can only be applied to purchases made using your account.


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